Our Lady of Mount Carmel was thrilled to welcome Most Rev. Nicholas DiMarzio, Bishop of Brooklyn on Saturday, December 7, 2013 for a pastoral visitation and to bless our new stained glass windows in the newly created vestibule with elevator.  One window depicts Pope Francis’ Coat of Arms and the Bishop’s own Coat of Arms is on the other. We believe these are the first permanent installations of these images in our diocese. Our own Martha Mosler who received the Distinguished Parishioner Award in 2012 for her years of outstanding service to the parish, most generously memorialized the memory of her family and friend in these windows. The Bishop also met with the Parish Pastoral Council members to review their accomplishments and plans under “Christ Jesus Our Hope,” the pastoral planning project of the diocese.

To commemorate his tenth anniversary as leader of the Brooklyn Diocese, during this visit Bishop DiMarzio was presented a miter embroidered with the image of Our Lady of Mount Carmel that was handmade in Vietnam. Also, four students representing all 275 CCD students gave the Bishop congratulatory cards signed by them all and were accompanied by the CRE, Nelly Gutierrez and their moderator, Father Peter Nguyen.

Bishop DiMarzio was the main celebrant at 5 pm Mass and concelebrating were: Pastor, Msgr. Sean G. Ogle, V.F.; Father Ed Brady, Pastor Emeritus; Parochial Vicars Father Joseph Pham and Father Peter Nguyen; Rev. Antonin Kocurek of the Czech Apostolate; Deacon Jaime Varela; Deacon Rev. Mr. Christopher Heanue who served as M.C. and Deacons Manuel Barahona and Ruben Mendez.

We concluded the evening with a lovely champagne toast in the vestibule and new outdoor plaza.

Photos courtesy of Nina Carullo. Videos by Neida C. Martinez and can be viewed on the parish’s You Tube channel.

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