The Italian Community of OLMC had a beautiful Mass in honor of the Feast of Saint Joseph on Tuesday, March 19, 2013 con-celebrated by our Pastor, Msgr. Sean G. Ogle and Parochial Vicar, Father Joseph Pham. Over 100 people attended the Mass followed by a reception at the Institute.  Some delicious refreshments were served in the old Sicilian tradition including semolina bread, homemade cheese, green olives with garlic, oil and oregano, a variety of cookies and other sweet treats along with coffee and of course, homemade vino! We thank Nina Carullo and Maria Barretta for their amazing cooking and baking talents and Nina for the pictures.

Baptism Reunion

We celebrated the Baptism of Jesus with a celebration for those children baptized during the past two years here at OLMC. The party took place on Sunday, Jan. 13, 2013 in the Parish Institute after the Family Mass.  Msgr. Sean G. Ogle welcomed over 25 parishioners.  Also in attendance were Parochial Vicar, Father Joe Pham along with members Parish Pastoral Council. The Baptism Team members that organized the refreshments were Heidi & Ric Batomalaque and Hyacinth Muka and her husband, Steven Towns whose made a lovely presentation which is posted on YouTube. Maria Barretta donated not only her amazing baking talents but her time and coordinated the delicious cookies, fruit salad and beverages.  Pictures courtesy of Neida Martinez.

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